SkEye Candy

We live at the Western edge of Fort Collins overlooking the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the general area of the Poudre Canyon.  Being so close to the mountains, we experience frequent blazing, colorful sunsets because we generally have a dry climate with clear skies – but because of the temperature differential between the colder mountain air and the heat rising from the plains below, we get late afternoon and evening condensation that results in clouds that leave the horizon open to the setting sun which then sends the bent colored light to the undersides of the clouds.

The result is a sky canvas that the whims of light, wind and moisture deliver a different painting each night.  It’s eye candy in the sky, or SkEye Candy.

Because we are often working in our Raised Bed Farm at sunset, hanging out with our cats and listening to music, the ritual of the sky turning colors has become part of the pattern and fabric of our life. We chose a property when we built our house that had good views of the horizons just so we could enjoy this, and it’s truly a daily blessing most days.  We want to share this with you through our pictures.

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