Big Hope in Big Wooly Mammoths

Commenting on this article from Fast Track:

It will take creative, bold, and urgent steps to slow climate change. One of the most unusual ideas is to re-introduce Wooly Mammoths to the Siberian areas with permafrost (about 70% of Russia’s land mass). The amount of methane being released by the melting of up to 90m thick layers is like throwing gas on an already raging fire.

Ideas like using ancient DNA to recreate herds of these creatures (and introducing bison and other herds to the areas in the meantime may sound crazy, but the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) has looked it over and found it to actually be more than plausible. And, the teams working on getting that DNA from a frozen Mammoth are actually within a few years of being able to modify elephants to adapt to the climate.

The great thing about our era is the fact that if you want to support this, you can go to Kickstarter and contribute with your dollars if not through your advocacy.

We clearly can’t talk those who think money is the biggest priority on this planet into alternate agendas, yet. But, when this becomes a logical means of keeping our expenses from rising seas lower, there’s likely to be big-business and state support for herd-building.

This isn’t the slow descent into a dystopian future, but the challenge of a lifetime to overcome challenges like no age has seen before.


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